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Aug. 4th, 2011

My Wild Horse Riding Days

Ikan and I had recently visited his parents. The last few days we were there a surprise to us all was an unexpected delivery of horses to the home we were staying at. The family who was sharing their home with us had a friend come by with 4 horses and 2 foals to let graze on their land. From what I heard was these horses hadn't been ridden in a while nor been around people in a while either, but they were suppose to be friendly, docile horses. 

Since I felt I was experienced enough as a rider and everyone didn't seem to care if I rode the horses or not, I had Ikan come out with me one fine evening to bribe the horses to come to us with apples. However, I only focused on the horse I planned on riding, yeah, that one in the picture below with the halter on.

I had also got it in my head that obviously the horse with the halter was probably the one ridden more... or the leader of the small herd. Leader I have no doubt about, but there is no way I could have proved this one had been well ridden. And in the back of my head was the wise advice my Uncle Mark had given me years ago, "Meri, never trust a horse that you don't know." Of course that means, "Meri, expect to be bucked off when climbing on a horse you don't know," and that's what I figured would happen with this horse. Thankfully Ikan was helpful in this risky event.
Ta'dah! Ikan hasn't been around horse. In fact his first riding on one was back in June. But he was a trooper in lending me his knee and keeping the horse steady enough while I swung my leg up and over.
Of course I would have loved to have had a bridal on the horse for more control, but this is what I get for climbing on a horse without any real permission. Now don't be confused, though I was riding the horse, it was the horse who took me for a ride.
She was a good horse. She'd stop and go on command but the rest was up to were she wanted to go, which consisted mainly of going back and fourth between the other horses that were somewhat spread out. She tried to trot, but with my experience on horses, if they are agitated and go faster, they'll buck. I only rode her for roughly 10 minutes. I would have loved to have continued, but I felt I'd been pressing my luck. We decided to go see puppies instead!

We told the other family about my short ride and they were nothing but impressed and asking how I liked the ride. The horse I road is a Tennessee Walker, which means they naturally have a more smooth gate (walk, trot, gallop). I told them I didn't trot and they said she was fine for that. So the next morning before Ikan and I left for home, I went out for one final ride. I didn't force her to trot, but she did a little on her own. She even spooked herself by getting to close to the wire. I got a few seconds of a Gallop before she halted to my," WHOA!" and slid into her neck. It was exciting, but she really was a good horse. Never bucked and was patient with my less than graceful getting on her that morning. I do think she was testing me that morning too because she paced more fervently between the horses, turning suddenly, and getting as close to the fence and other horses in what I assume to be her seeing how skilled of a rider I was. I just enjoyed the ride she took me for and hope I'll get to see her again :)


Apr. 27th, 2011

2:15 In The Afternoon

Is it really?
How did I get so behind
Time slips by 
With the games I play
How'd I become so blind?
This procrastination
Sadly can't be 
Rushed over little time.
So from behind
I must try
To regain what is mine.

Apr. 26th, 2011

Dare? Well then....

If your best friend picked dare over truth, what would you dare them to do, and why?

I guess a fun dare would be for them to wear their underwear over their clothing and walk around the block once (with the group of course).

Apr. 25th, 2011

No More Skiing

If you had to give up swimming, skiing, hiking, or biking for the rest of your life, which would you choose, and why?

I chose skiing because I've never done it. So I wouldn't miss it in the first place. I suppose if I had, I'd choose that one because from what I know you have to pay for that activity whenever you want to do it. Plus it's a little more seasonal than the others. The rest you can pay to do, but there are a lot of free options for them as well.

Apr. 22nd, 2011

My World

If you could design your own planet, what would it look like and who would live there? Describe the colors, the creatures, and the culture.

I would bring to life my fictional story. The planet is relatively similar to Earth itself, but there are different folk there like Elves, Dwarfs, Centaurs and folk I've created (Cat, Angel, and Ghost folk). It's a world full of magic and the different races have their own culture and back ground that they are firm to living. Different areas appeals to different races. Mountains will home more Dwarfs, Goblins, and Giants. The Forest homes more Elves, Centaurs, Nymphs and Fairies. Marshes and abandoned places hosts the ghost folk who have unfinished business. The Angel folk have a city in the sky since they are a proud race and find most of the other races unworthy. The Cat and Human folk are more adaptable to different environments. If a Mage trains under a certain element (earth, wind, fire, etc.) they will reside more closely to their element of focus. Though each race is distinctly different, they all have a common goal, harmony in the world. When war breaks out among the races it takes a great mentor to resolve the issue and unite the feuding folk back to the worlds ideals of peace.  

Apr. 21st, 2011

Scary Dreams Suck

Hate a really awful dream last night. Usually I'm very bold in telling my dreams and sharing them with the world, butt his one has me disturbed on a whole new level and probably too graphic for most of my friends to somewhat appreciate.

All I can say is these dreams get me wondering what am I so afraid of? Do I really feel forgettable by everyone? Do I really feel no one loves me enough to save me? It's confusing to be in scary situations in which I'm being terrorized and I can't get away, no one's trying to save me, and I find myself feeling doomed to the torment.

Yet, despite all that I do always keep trying to find a moment to escape. Despite everything that is happening, the hopelessness and helplessness I feel, I am alway in my dream trying to break free from the monster that is attacking me.

It's still disturbing that I have such crazy dreams.... Maybe I shouldn't watch Criminal Minds any more...

Heck YES!!!

Would you live in the perfect house or apartment rent-free if you found out a brutal murder had taken place there and it was rumored to be haunted? Why or why not?

Unless they are trying to kill me, whatever. Plus, I can use the money I'm saving to get someone to bless the house and prevent them from doing anything :)

Apr. 18th, 2011

Two Possible Blessings

Yesterday was a normal day of church... or so I thought. Ikan and I had walked to church in the beautiful morning sunshine. We were a couple minutes late, but we made it there and that's what counts right?

The talks were great and as Ikan and I got ready to leave the chapel we were approached by the missionaries. One of them chatted with us (the other chatting with a few other people) and wanted to get together with us for a lesson. He didn't say a lesson, but one can only assume that is what's to come of the missionaries wanting to meet with you. I was more than happy to set up an appointment and as we walked away I was curious as to why they chose to approach us.

I assume it to be three different options:
  1. They haven't seen us around church a lot due to me working and us going to family ward so thought us inactive
  2. The bishop talked to them since he knows we're engaged and we're to receive a temple marriage lesson, or
  3. They honestly felt like reaching out to us.
I don't know which to think. I know that I'm grateful that they reached out to us. I still am working hard against my dragging self to keep going to church and maintain the habit. I am also trying harder to get more involved and to establish better habits (like reading scriptures and the ensign). Also, I hope that whatever they share with me and Ikan will touch him in a way that will get him eager about the church again. But more so, I hope they reach out in a way that is appealing to Ikan. I worry that they will come off more forceful when I think Ikan would benefit more if they come off like a friend.

We went to Gospel Doctrine and enjoyed the lesson there (at least I did). Afterwards we debated over who were to take his scriptures to the next class. I sadly destroyed mine so I was looking off his but I knew he'd benefit more if he took them since I had friends in Relief Society who I could share with. Ikan debated that they never look up scriptures in Priesthood so hence they'd be more beneficial to me. I lost the debate. But I was right in the end :D

Ikan chased me down after church saying he needed his scriptures. Apparently an investigator approached him in class and asked him for help about what he should read and study in the Book of Mormon (BoM). Unfortunately he didn't have his scriptures with him at the time and so could give specifics. Ikan found a time line and scriptures masteries in the back of his scriptures which he willingly gave to the guy. The guy was hesitant about the gift, baffled that Ikan was just giving them to him. Ikan said if he ended up not wanting them anymore he'd be happy to get them back, but for the time being they were his to work with and study.

I am excited for this investigator and Ikan. I hope the guy continues to learn and maintains this eagerness has for truth because I feel from it he and Ikan might develop some kind of a friendship. I also think that as Ikan helps this guy out that he might be inspired and find that joy in the gospel again.

I am ever hopeful that Ikan and I will continue to grow stronger in the church. I would most definitely love to be sealed to him one day and be together for eternity. 

Apr. 15th, 2011

The Best Night Thus Far...

What was the best night of your life so far, and what made it so special?

Jan 11th, 2011 Ikan proposed to me :) Kinda ironic that today asks for the happiest when this morning was spiraling out of control. 

Apr. 13th, 2011

The Lovely Bones Dream

I was at my house and I saw on the TV a dance happening. The lady I live with says she wishes she could dance again and I begin walking away with the thrill that once I was in a Modern Dance class in High School. As I walk away, I began to dance. I then was in the performance.

The room was dark and somehow I knew exactly what to do. I was running around in an all red suit, leaping and twirling ads though there was some grand celebration happening. Another person partnered with me and as one point we quickly ran toward another pair of people and grabbed their hands. We began pulling and I knew it to be us interpretive dancing about Mitosis. We turned as we pulled against each other and I and my partner reached out our hand to a lady who would help pull us apart. But once the pull became strong, I and my partner some how got pulled apart.I quickly ran through my people knowing this was the dramatic moment in the dance. I didn't know how to save my other half, but I tried to maneuver around  without being caught.

Finally there was this person, who was talk and draped in a light robe that glowed as the light poured down upon him. It reminds me of a Grim Reaper, but bright in a dark way. My partner was there and they were about to send her away. I sprinted to do my part and grabbed on to the Grim Reaper's arm saying no. I then began to be engulfed in light. It got brighter and I was teleported.

I woke up on my back in an oddly familiar room, though for the life of me I don't know why I recognized it. Him... it was similar to Ikan's parents living room. Anywho, I found myself striving to gain breathe underneath the desk. I realized there that I was Susie Salmon and I just figured out how to get out of the Inbetween. I was home.

I could see my parents saw me and instructed my sisters (yeah.. I had two apparently) to go to their room. I finally gasped in many needed breathes, as though I was drowning and finally broke the surface of the water. I finally got up and tried pretending like I didn't just get revived from the dead. I casually mentioned I had taken a bunch of pictures while I was in New Zealand and my father responded that when he got the money he'd develop the pictures for me.
Then I was back on my parents couch as though I had woken up. It was dark and my parents where in the kitchen. I looked around and it was dark and eerie. I knew I wanted to write about the dream I just had so went to the computer to write. The clock on the wall said  it was 2:30 (2:20 since it was 10 minutes fast). At the computer, the screen said 7:25. I moved the mouse around to refresh the page and then it jumped to 3:25. I quickly looked at the wall clock and realized I miss read the clock and it was 3:35 now. I jumped up and got my shoes on and zipped out the door.
It was dark and wet outside with some random fireworks lighting up the sky. My keys were being impossible to use in my hurry. At the car door I found I didn't lock my car so I quickly jumped in and finally was able to use my car key in the ignition. I began to zip down my street. As I remembered my car door was unlocked I decided to check my rear view mirror to make sure no one was in back. There was.
I swerved over nearly hitting a car and got out very fast. I yelled at the man to get out. He did calmly and looked ashamed for surprising me so terribly.  He was older than me, like in his 50's. He said he had an interest in old cars. As he walked away I  was feeling bad for making him seem like a bad guy and expressed I wouldn't mind chatting more later if we saw each other in the neighbor hood. He smiled and I continued my rushed trek to work. I thought about calling to warn them I'd be late, but I figured I would only be one or two minutes late anyways.

Then... I woke up for reals and saw it was really 2:45. And here I am really trying to get read for work before I'm late XD

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